How to use The Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner when Your Shoes Get Soaked

How to use The Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner when Your Shoes Get Soaked

Wet shoes are really one of the most annoying things your feet will experience. You will most likely get soaked shoes when the rain just suddenly pours down or you step in a deep puddle unexpectedly. No matter how you got them wet, they will no longer be the same. Wet shoes will likely develop an unpleasant odor that will be difficult to get rid off. They will also have that nasty feeling that will be uncomfortable when you wear them. Aside from that, the durability of the shoes is also at risk. Those shoes will wear out fast.

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Luckily, there are ways to prevent and cure this situation. Products like Fresh Foot Miracle and The Pink Miracle help in keeping the shoes in tack. However, there are still some things to be done before using these products. These tips will definitely maximize the effect of the mentioned products.

1.) Take Your Shoes Off

First things first, take your shoes off. If you don’t like the feeling of walking with wet shoes then take them off as soon as possible. Shoes that are soaked with water are not only uncomfortable but they can also develop a horrible stench. This stench can pass on to your feet, therefore resulting in bad foot odor.

Aside from that, having your feet inside the wet shoes will prolong their exposure to body heat and moisture. This will result in fast deterioration of the durability of the shoes. By taking them off immediately, you will lessen the damage the shoes can get. Just a little piece of advice, be sure to bring with you a pair of slippers or any footwear that is okay to get wet. You must also have a sealable plastic bag with you to put your soaked shoes in.

2.) Put Newspaper

Actually, putting newspaper on something to absorb water and moisture is the oldest trick in the book. This technique has been known for a very long time. A lot of people had already known this trick. A newspaper’s material is designed to easily decay. This material is also known for its fast absorption of elements like water. Thus, this can be definitely used on your soaked shoes. You can get the water out by stuffing newspaper in your shoes. You can also wrap your shoes with it to dry up the exterior of your shoes. Shoes can dry off on their own but unfortunately, that process will take days. With the presence of newspapers, the process is sped up.

3.) Put Your Shoes in Dry Places

Whether you put newspapers in the shoes or not, you still need to store your shoes in a place where it can dry off. Put them in dry places or spots that water will not likely be present. You can lean the shoes sideways on the wall. For faster drying, place the shoes upside down while leaning on the wall. You can also place them near heaters or electric fans. However, this is not really recommended. This is because, the time it takes for the shoes to dry is relatively similar with or without the presence of a heater or an electric fan.

4.) Use Shoe Trees

Aside from obtaining a horrible odor and losing durability, wet shoes can also lose their shape. This occurs not only when the shoes are wet but also when the shoes are being dried. To prevent this, use shoe trees. Shoe trees are plastic replicas of a human foot. These are placed in the shoes after drying them off with newspaper or by leaning them on the wall. Never put them on the shoe tree if the shoes are still dripping wet. This will prevent the shoes from completely drying off, especially in the interior part. Shoe trees will help the shoes regain their shape.

5.) If Using Dryers

Using dryers is not exactly recommended when drying your wet shoes. Dryers have the ability to shrink anything they dry. This is what will likely happen to your shoes. There’s also the fact that dryers can destroy the glue of the shoe. Therefore, this will cause the shoes’ durability to fluctuate.

However, if you have no other choice, then use the dryer at your own risk. Putting your shoes in the dryer can be really noisy. You must put them in the dryer together with other items like blankets, clothes and etc. to lessen the irritating sound and damage to the shoe. However, you can only do this twice at most. More than that it can destroy your shoes completely.

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After doing all of these tips, you can now use Pink Miracle Sneaker Cleaner and Fresh Foot Miracle. These will be the finishing touches for your shoes. These products can make your shoes look and smell like brand-new after application. The last piece of advice is to be prepared and avoid soaking your shoes. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

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