The Sole of Your Shoes Matter

The Sole of Your Shoes Matter

Shoes are not as easy to clean as clothes. Using a washing machine is definitely not a good option. It’s likely that you’ll hand wash your shoes to clean them. The part of the shoe that always gets dirty is the sole. The sole is the part underneath the shoes and it separates the feet from the ground. It also protects the feet from dangerous obstacles like rocks, mud, dirt, snow, and even sharp and pointed objects. These facts justify how the sole of our shoes matter.

However, there are different types of shoe soles known to people. They differ in shape, design, and material. Though they all have one thing in common, they get easily dirty. You might as well be thinking to yourself, “Why not just use cleaning liquids like The Pink Miracle to clean the soles?”. Yes, it’s true but you need to know that each type of sole accumulates dirt in different volumes and forms. To know how to clean every type of sole, you must know the design of each sole. Here are the different types of shoe soles and how to use your shoe cleaner.

1. Leather

Originally, the sole of shoes were made of leather. They were simply a flat and smooth surface. In the early times, all shoes used this type of sole. However, nowadays, we only see this type of sole in dress shoes or other fancy shoes. It is one of the easiest soles to create.

However, a leather sole is not weather resistant. This means that a simple walk on the rocks, mud and flooded ground can destroy the shoes. Luckily, this type is the easiest sole to clean. You can use a cloth or just your hand to rub off the dirt.

2. Raw Cord

A Raw Cord type of sole was invented during the Second World War. It was created from melted old car tires. There were great demands for combat boots and lack of rubber supply that’s why the alternative was made. It got its name for having a raw cord inside that the shoemakers didn’t bother to remove because of insufficient time.

To clean a raw cord sole, you have to use a soft bristled-brush like an old toothbrush or the brush included in the Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner set. This has some embossed rubber stoppers that make it weather resistant. Its rubber grippers are smaller than those on Commando. This means it’s easier to clean the dirt that builds up around the edges.

3. Cork Nitrile

A Cork Nitrile is made up of a harden rubber mixture with grinded pieces of cork. The cork serves as the friction of the sole. It’s one of the most durable soles around and one of the ideal soles for work shoes.

It’s also as easy to clean as a leather sole. It doesn’t have any tread that snow or dirt may stick on. You can just wash the dust buildup off with a cloth or even your bare hands.

4. Rubber Camp

A Rubber Camp sole is designed with tiny embossed dots and a large inclined plug at the back-middle part of the shoe. It’s a casual type of sole. It’s more ideal for walking around than working or hiking. It’s also very light and can be affordable as well.

When cleaning a rubber camp sole, the likely trouble you will encounter is the buildup of dirt in the large plug. To remove this, you will need a tiny spoon to scoop out the dirt. You should also use a brush to rub off the remaining dirt in the plug and around the sole.

5. Commando

A Commando type of sole is one of the most complex of all shoe soles. It has a very thick knobby tread that can grip on soft land. This sole is specifically made for hiking. It is the most durable shoe sole and the best of all weather resistant shoes.

This type is the hardest sole to clean. The dirt and mud can clog in between the thick tread. If brushing and putting it under running water is not enough to remove the dirt. To remove this, you can use a very thin metal stick that can pick the dirt around the compressed tread. You will also need a thin hard bristled-brush to rub off the remaining dirt that the metal pick could not get.


Having knowledge on each different shoe sole type and how to clean them are very handy. You now know how to clean any sole type of your shoes in your closet. All you have to do now is just get them and get cleaning. Again, it is good to use shoe cleaning liquid products like Pink Miracle. This is a good alternative to harsh detergents. It also has better effect on shoes rather than ordinary washing soap because there are conditioning agents within the shoe cleaner that help keep your shoes feeling like new (and not dried out). Are you ready to start cleaning the soles of your shoes?

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