Why Shoes Stink and How To Prevent It?

Why Shoes Stink and How To Prevent It?

You own at least seven pairs of shoes. You have one for every possible occasion – for work, for hanging out and for errands. And since you’ve got the weekend off, you decide to clean all your shoes. You think this is probably the best way to spend your weekend.

However, while you were in the process, you noticed that some of your shoes stink (bad news for you!). You felt a little embarrassed knowing that you wore some of these and then went barefoot while visiting a friend’s house – yep, they most likely smelled what you smell now.

You try to think of the reasons why this is happening to your shoes and what the causes might be. You’ve gotten used to wearing these almost every day that you never take the time to realise that there could be a foot odor problem. If you’re curious, here are the top reasons why your shoes may smell:

  • Your shoes might not have ventilation: Take the time to look at the material your shoe is made of. Does it allow air to flow around it? If not, that could be the reason why you’re getting that foul smell. This usually happens in a leather-made shoe. Moving onward, you can consider purchasing a shoe with mesh-like materials to minimize or get rid of the stink.
  • You wear your shoes too much: Everyone has a favorite pair of shoes, that’s understandable. However, wearing the same pair every day can gradually make it smell inside the shoes. Feet naturally sweat and if you wear the same pair every day, your shoes could have constant sweat staining the inner layers.
  • You have poor personal hygiene: You’re probably aware that germs and fungus love the dirt. Regardless of how clean your shoes are, if you don’t also clean your feet regularly, all of your efforts are useless.

Now you have an idea of why your shoes may be smelly, it’s crucial to take necessary actions in order to help reduce the smell.

  • Clean your shoes regularly: You should clean your shoes regularly and not just when you have the time to do so. Thoroughly brush the entire shoe to ensure there’s no dirt in-between spaces and it’s clean all over – inside and outside. There’s many products in the market which can help you in this process; one product is the Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner. It works on all shoe surfaces – yes, this can clean your suede boots too. This product is very cheap, and with one bottle, you can clean up to 60 pairs of shoes!
  • Make sure your feet are clean: you can’t expect for your shoes to smell good if your feet are dirty (and stinky), right? Cleaning your feet should be part of your daily regimen. Scrub your feet well, especially in between your toes. Go out and have that foot spa once in a while.
  • Make use of Home Remedies: Cleaning your shoes doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. Most of the stuff you need is available in your cupboard:
  • Baking Soda: After wearing your shoes, place baking soda inside them. You may leave them overnight but if you plan to wear them again tomorrow, don’t forget to remove all the baking soda.
  • Black Teabags: Love drinking tea? Now, you can make use of tea bags for your stink problem. Black teabags have tannins, which can kill bacteria found inside the shoe. If you want to try this technique, boil the teabag for five minutes, let it cool down after and place it inside your shoes. You’ll need to leave the teabags inside for a few minutes, then you’re good to go.
  • Essential oils: You can now make use of your essential oils rather than just using them in scented candles! Put several drops of the essential oil inside the shoe with paper. The paper is there to absorb the smell, and the essential oils will gradually replace that foul smell with a sweet scent. You can finally make your shoes and feet smell like lavender or chamomile.
  • Use open-toed sandals: Sure, you’ll look more professional when you have your closed shoes on, but if you have the chance, use open-toed sandals – when going to the beach or when vacationing. This will allow your feet to breathe and relax more. And since it’s open-toed, your feet won’t sweat as much.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of reasons why your shoes smell bad, but ultimately, there’s limitless approaches on how to avoid this. You don’t have to worry if the smell doesn’t go away on your first try – all of these methods should be injected in your daily routine to help your shoes smell good all the time!

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