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How To Clean My Leather Products With The Pink Miracle

There is nothing more frustrating than to damage your leather products, be it your favorite leather heels, bag or even your purse—from scum, grease, dirt or even water. Though there are tons of products on the market that promise to clean leather products, it’s still important to buy the best one that could withstand the effects of wear and tear. Bring life back to your favorite leather products with Pink Miracle. As a non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner that’s been on the market for 20 years, Pink Miracle surely provides impressive results you don’t want to miss out on.

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Can You Use Shoe Cleaner On Hats?

Keeping our shoes clean and presentable is just the same as keeping our hats nice and clean. While the boots cover our feet, the cap, though not all loves to wear it, seals the head and hair. Thus, both need the same care and attention from you. Hats need to be kept clean as people can see it right away. However, it is ironic that we don’t get to regularly clean these items as often as our shirts, pants, and dresses. Perhaps, because we occasionally use them as part of our daily outfit. Cleaning caps rarely causes dirt and dust to build up and in effect, leave a foul odor to it. Did you know that you can use your...

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The Different Materials Used To Make Shoes And How To Clean Them

There are shoes for each event, each location and each purpose. This is the reason why people have more than one pair of shoes in their closet. For practical people, they have at least one pair of shoes per purpose or event. For less practical and more fashionable people, they have all kinds of shoes in different styles, materials, and even in different colors. Use the best shoe cleaner, the pink miracle. However, when cleaning these different types of shoes, they differ in procedure and care intensity. Some shoes can be washed like clothes while other shoes are just too delicate. The aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when cleaning your footwear is the material used in that specific...

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