Use the best shoe cleaner, the pink miracle. There are shoes for each event, each location and each purpose. This is the reason why people have more than one pair of shoes in their closet. For practical people, they have at least one pair of shoes per purpose or event. For less practical and more fashionable people, they have all kinds of shoes in different styles, materials, and even in different colors.

However, when cleaning these different types of shoes, they differ in procedure and care intensity. Some shoes can be washed like clothes while other shoes are just too delicate. The aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when cleaning your footwear is the material used in that specific shoe. Shoes can be created with the vast materials available. However, there are five most commonly used materials. They differ from one another not only by components but also in durability. Here is how you clean each pair of sneakers with each specific material.

1. Denim

Denim are not only for jeans or other clothing pieces. They are also good material for shoes. Denim is a thick cotton fabric. This fabric can be used in making sneakers, sandal straps, and ballet shoes. This material is also very comfortable. It gives a breathing atmosphere for your shoes to avoid sweaty feet.

Since it’s a thick cotton fabric, washing a denim shoe is almost as similar to washing your denim jeans. However, you can never use a washing machine for this since it has other non-denim parts. Hand washing is highly advised.

2. Satin

Satin is one of the most sophisticated materials used in making shoes. A satin pair of shoes is normally used in high class or formal events like weddings, ball dance, formal business events, and so on. It’s also expensive but very fashionable.

Cleaning a satin pair of shoes must be done with utmost care. Water can destroy the color of the satin and can leave water marks. The best way to clean a satin shoe is by applying water only on the stained part of the shoes. If the stain won’t remove with water, then use a very small amount of Pink Miracle (less than a dime) only on that part. Wash all soap residue and dry your shoes with a towel. Never air dry your satin shoes. This can leave water marks.

3. Nubuck

Nylon like Satin and Denim is also a form of fabric. But its difference among other fabrics is that it is a synthetic one. This material is commonly used on sneakers and on other running shoes. It’s a perfect shoe material for athletes because of its lightness.

To clean a nylon pair of shoes, you’ll need to use a soft brush to clean only the stains. Never brush to unaffected areas of the shoes. For extra cleaning power, mix a few pinch of powdered detergent with a cup of water. Dip your brush in the mixture then rub the brush on the stain areas. Make sure to rinse all residue with a sponge.

4. Canvas

Canvas is a fabric mixture of hemp, cotton and flax. This material is commonly used on casual sneakers. It’s also known for its variety of color. This is because this material is easy to dye so any shoemaker can get creative in designing these shoes.

Another amazing thing about canvas shoes is that it’s very easy to clean. When cleaning canvas one must be careful not to smudge into the shoe the existing dirt. Light cleaning to begin the process and extract remaining dirt must first take place. Make sure to dry your canvas shoes off, we suggest you should stuff them with newspaper or use shoe trees. This is done to maintain the shape of the shoes.

5. Leather

Leather is the most common type of material used on shoes. There are many kinds of leather that shoes may be made of. These leather may include Calfskin, Pigskin, Exotic leathers and many more. This is comfortable to wear and very durable.

However, leather is very weak against weather obstacles. A simple rain can destroy even the most well-made leather. This is why water is not good for this material. So when cleaning this, use a dry cloth to wipe out the stains. If it is not effective, then use the same procedure as mentioned under satin shoes. For athletic shoes made with leather, the shoe cleaner works excellent to restore the shoes to the newest condition.


Different shoe material requires a different type of cleaning process. You can’t just conclude to clean shoes by washing and rubbing the dirt off. Some materials are vulnerable to water . Luckily, there are shoe cleaning products like Pink Miracle that won’t only clean stubborn stains but will also freshen your shoes. Maintaining clean shoes is a necessary facet of one’s daily life as well as extends the life of your shoes (saving money spent in the future).

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