How To Keep Your Gym Bag, Shoes and Hats Clean, Fresh and Odor-Free

How To Keep Your Gym Bag, Shoes and Hats Clean, Fresh and Odor-Free

Bags, shoes, gym bags and hats are our everyday items that we don’t change and wash on a regular daily basis. They’re not like clothes that we change multiple times a day, and we clean almost daily. Featured on for the fact of being able to restore what was thought to be once old into new again. These things will most likely pick up so much dirt or unclean substances that can cause bad odor. Using Fresh Foot Miracle may do the trick, however, it’s still convenient to know a few cleaning hacks.  

Cleaning your Gym Bag

One of your belongings that probably gets the most dirt and odor and the not so fresh texture is the gym bag. Most people don not take the time to clean this bag constantly especially if they go to the gym almost every day. Here is how you can keep your gym bag clean, fresh and odor-free.

Keeping Gym Bags Clean

In keeping your gym bag clean, nothing beats a washing machine of course. Some people worry that their gym bags will get ruined if they put them in a washing machine. Most gym bags are designed to be safe to put in a washing machine. Just make sure to use cold water and make sure the cycling is on delicate mode.

If you don’t have time to use a washing machine, but there is odor coming from your gym bag, you can use a spray Fresh Foot Miracle. You just spray it on a particular spot or all over your bag. Not only will your gym bag smell great but Fresh Foot Miracle kills the odor and bacteria naturally.

Keeping Gym Bags Fresh and Odor-Free

When keeping your gym bag fresh and free from odor, other than using Fresh Foot Miracle with its deodorant and anti-bacterial components, there are a few refreshing hacks that you can do. You can stop gym bag odor by immediately taking out your sweaty clothes and shoes. After that, you reverse your bag so that the inside of the bag is out. Then, hang it and let it get some air. You can also try placing tea bags in your gym bag to give it a fresh odor. Leave these tea bags in there overnight then, remove them in the morning. You can also put dryer sheets and other odor-absorbing material in your bag. Just make sure to change them immediately when their freshness wears out.

Cleaning your Shoes

Shoes are not very easy to clean. They aren’t washing machine friendly. Their glue also weakens with every contact of water. It may not be easy, but it’s probably not impossible. There are a few cleaning and deodorizing tips that we can do.

Keeping Shoes Clean

The best way to clean your shoes is by using the soft bristle brush included with Pink Miracle. Clean the inside and outside of your footwear by brushing them with a brush dipped in a water and applying a small amount of Pink Miracle cleaner. To remove the excess dirt and soap, use a wet sponge and wipe them out.

Keeping Shoes Fresh and Odor-Free

Since shoes are footwear, they are prone to picking up the smelly and nasty substances from the ground. They quickly pick up a terrible odor from any form of moisture like sweat and water. Other than using Fresh Foot Miracle shoe deodorant, you can make sure to air your shoes out after each use. You can also prevent bad odor from your shoes by merely wearing socks.

Cleaning your Hats

Hats and caps are not easy to clean. Aside from making sure that there is no more dirt on the hat, you also have to do it without deforming the cap. Luckily, there are ways to keep your hats clean, fresh and odor-free.

Keeping Hats Clean

In keeping your hats clean, you can use a water basin but not a washing machine. You should hand wash the hat carefully and avoid using strong detergents. After washing and drying, you should use a hat tree or something similar to help maintain the overall shape of the hat. You can also use shoe cleaning liquid for a faster and safer cleaning process.

Keeping Hats Fresh and Odor-Free

Using a Fresh Foot Miracle spray deodorant (safe for your hats!), will remove the odors in your hat and keep them from coming back for a while. You can also simply air it out to remove the stench.


These cleaning and deodorizing steps are not difficult to do. . This product is not only good for shoes or footwear but also bags and hats. Are you ready to give your items a good clean?

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